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To best describe HYPERION DISTRIBUTION, you can imagine a high school “lunchroom” setting. The lunchroom is the skate industry and over in the left corner you have your ledge freaks. To your right you’ve got your butt rock rail dogs, you have your corporate brands eating at the student council table, in the distance the normcore kids have a hack circle going on and beyond that you have your cool cats smoking cigs under the tree. WKND walks into the cafeteria looking around trying to find a table and notices the foreign kids from BUTTER GOODS and PASS~PORT not really knowing where to sit either. WKND nervously asks the Aussies if they “want to eat together?” Now – we’re at our own table where we laugh at the same jokes and share the same views on how we want to do this skateboarding thing. If you’re into it….. pull up a chair mate.

*The nerds at FROG just pulled up a seat.

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